Welcome to my website !!!

My Resume is here.

My Guitar Transcriptions are here.

My Tuckerman Ravine Expedition page is here.

Some links that I like (and maybe you will too):

Slashdot.org - This is the one website I'd want to be able to access if I was stranded on a desert island.

Wikipedia - So you can look stuff up.
Dictionary.com - So you can spel better.
Common Errors In English - So you can write gooder.

Baltimore Bicycling Club - A great bike club for those in the Baltimore area.
Columbia Ski Club - A great ski club for those in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Mountain Zone - Mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, biking... What else is there?
DDR Freak - There's also Dance Dance Revolution.
Baltimore Ravens Football - Ravens Rule !!!
Harmony Central - Cool music stuff, guitar tabs, etc.
Crack The Sky - The hottest band in the land.

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