4th E-mail Sent Before The Third Expedition

Date: March 31, 2000

Hello Adventurers !!!

This is the fourth e-mail (in a series) to help plan and prepare for the
3rd Annual Tuckerman Ravine Hiking/Skiing Expedition...

Two weeks to go !!! Are we getting psyched or what ?!?!?! I have good
news and bad news... which do you want first... O.K... we'll get the bad
news out of the way...

I don't think we'll be able to ski the Sherburne Ski Trail to the bottom
of the mountain... the latest conditions which you can see at
(http://www.tuckerman.org/avalanche/index.html) say that the ski trail
has lost alot of it's cover already because of the recent warm
weather... oh well, we'll just have to hike down like we did on the
first expedition... don't worry about snow cover in the bowl though...
it's 20 to 80 FEET deep and in no danger of dissappearing before we get
there... now for the good news...

We've picked up several new members and it looks like we'll have between
13 and 19 people on the expedition... This should make it a nice fun
social group and not too large to keep (somewhat) together... And most
people are getting their plane/car/motel reservations in order which is
good (see the 3rd letter for information on reservations)... Also the
peak of Mt. Washington (and by proximity Tuckermans) just got several
inches of snow... and Sunday River (where we'll go to ski on our
non-Tuckermans day) still has 93 trails and 10 lifts open !!! ... here's
the link for Sunday River if you want to keep track of their conditions

I'm leading a training hike this weekend for anyone in the
Balimore/Washington area... it will be on Sunday April 2 at 1:00PM
(don't forget to adjust for daylight savings time the night before) and
will be in the Patapsco Valley State Park near Daniels... here are
directions to get to the trailhead but if you plan on going RSVP me at
410-379-2022 so I can let you know if there is any change of plans...

to get to the "Daniels" trailhead (from Columbia, MD area):

Take Route 29 North till it ends at a "T" with a stoplight just
    past the Interstate 70 interchange
Turn right on to Rogers Avenue (go about 1/4 mile)
Turn left on to Old Frederick Road (go about 1 1/2 mile)
Go across a bridge over the Patapsco (go just a little bit more)
Bear left (actually kind of straight) on to Hollifield Road
    (go a couple 1/10ths of a mile paralleling the river)
At a "T" turn left on to Dogfield Road (go across a small creek bridge)
Make your first left into the trailhead "parking lot"

The hike is about 7 miles and is mostly flat along the river (some of
it's even paved - an old abandoned road)... it passes an old flooded and
abandoned mill town with some neat ruins (and a few funky old rusted out
50's cars)... it has one vertical part (for a mile or so) of several
hundred feet and sometimes I loop that twice... anyway it's a good hike
to figure out how to walk with skis (and boots and poles) before
tackling Bob's Hill on next weekend's training hike (Sunday April 9th
1:00PM - directions will be e-mailed next week)...

Following is a list where I've attempted to figure out who's going and
who's not... if I have you misclassified please let me know ASAP... if I
haven't heard from you in awhile please let me know what you're
planning... and if you've made reservations and are "100% go" let me
know that too... Thanks !!!

Allen Black         (flying in at 1:30PM Friday, staying at Royalty Inn)
Bob Sagusti         (flying in at 1:30PM Friday, staying at Royalty Inn)
Mark Miller         (flying in at 1:30PM Friday, staying at Royalty Inn)
Stuart Miller       (flying in at 1:30PM Friday, staying at Royalty Inn)
Laura Gabanski      (flying in at 1:30PM Friday, staying at Royalty Inn)
Brian Skrenta       (flying in at 1:30PM Friday, staying at Royalty Inn)
Greg Clark          (flying in at 1:30PM Friday, staying at ???????????)
Brian Vogel         (driving in at ????????????, staying at Royalty Inn)
Barb Vogel          (driving in at ????????????, staying at Royalty Inn)
Kim Vogel           (driving in at ????????????, staying at Royalty Inn)
Kim Vogel's friend  (driving in at ????????????, staying at Royalty Inn)
Anne-Marie Shipley  (driving in at ????????????, staying at ???????????)
C.T. Edwards        (driving in at ????????????, staying at ???????????)

Bob Walker                      (driving ???, staying ???)
Kathi Durning                   (driving ???, staying ???)
John Vranich                    (driving ???, staying ???)
Paul Gewirtz                    (driving ???, staying ???)
Bud Cavanaugh "The Snowboarder" (flying  ???, staying ???)
Rich Vrabel                     (flying  ???, staying ???)
Dave Strack & Sons              (flying  ???, staying ???)

Mary Dunlay

Michael Lutz
Carmen Lane
Darrell ??? (Carmen's friend)
Ilene Reilly
Aimee Newhall
Jeff Vogel

I'm still interested in finding out if anyone else can bring any FRS
two-way radios and if anyone can bring a lightweight plastic sled... At
least we can take a few large garbage bags and slide around on them but
a sled would be really cool !!!

If anyone knows of anyone else who'd be interested please forward this
e-mail to them and have them give me a call or an e-mail so they can get
in on the fun...

That's all for now... As always if if you have any questions feel free
to e-mail or call me... and don't forget to check out the website at


for pictures, information, and links to relevant sites with even more
information (like travel reservations, weather, and avalance

See Ya Soon,